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POKEDEX 1: Click HERE to go to POKEDEX 1
POKEDEX 2: Click HERE to go to POKEDEX 2
POKEDEX 3: Click HERE to go to POKEDEX 3
POKEINFO: A place that contains lots of info on a lot of stuff.
The Official Pokemon Website:
Pokemon Stadium 64 Image Gallery: A new page with Pokemon Stadium 64 pics.
Team Rocket's Gallery: Click HERE to go to our Gallery
Character Info: An Encylcopedia of character's from the cartoon.
Team Rocket's Pokemon Polls: SIGN THE GUESTBOOK ! Then the polls !
WALKTHROUGH: It still needs work.
GYM LEADER'S and POKEMON LEAGUE: Info on gym leaders and the Elite Four.
Team Rocket's Horoscope: NEW !! Just for fun !


Team Rocket blasts off in the speed of light.Surrender now or prepare to fight ! Meowth that's right ! Welcome to Team Rocket's Pokemon Page. Here you will find bios for all 150 Pokemon.And info on the #1 best selling gameboy game of all time.If you have any questions or comments don't be afraid to e-mail Team Rocket at,,or Our page is almost getting there but expect some changes. To much work to do. But In the mean time you can look at some of the other pages ! And please tell your friends about us ! And tell them to tell their friends.We need the publicity.

And one other thing.If you do not have Pokemon yet and you want to,we suggest that you buy it NOW ! It's pretty hard to find ,but it depends on where you buy it though.This game is putting Playstation games to shame !

If you go to Pokemon Polls please SIGN THE GUESTBOOK ! We need to know what people think of the page,and of Team Rocket.

Don't forget to watch the new episodes of Pokemon on the WB ! Saturdays at 9:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Last Updated - 8/12/99 -12:16 AM Pacific -


3/13/99 - Sorry for the long update ! We've been flooded with all of your emails ! But don't worry those new pages will be coming out In the next two weeks ! And you can count on that or are name isn't Team Rocket !

3/30/99 - Sorry for the long update but working on the new pages is'nt that easy ! But don't worry it'll be up here soon.

4/5/99 - Happy Holidays to all our fans!Thanks for visiting our Page! Keep on visiting us and don't forget to tell your friends about us! 4/7/99 - Just for fun we put up a horoscope poll up.If you have time try it out.

4/27/99 - Sorry for the very long update ! It's been nearly a month so bear with us hear.Were very lazy !

8/12/99 - OK ! We know what your thinking ! So it has been 4 freakin months since we updated our page ! If there are Poke freaks still coming to this page good ! We would like to apoligize for our actions! And for all the people who email us ! OK heres the deal if we get at least a significant amount of emails in the next 2 days then we'll get pumped up and start updating weekly OK ! :) C'ya ! Email is

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