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PALLET TOWN:In the beggining you are an 11 year old boy who has a dream of being the world's best Pokemon trainer.So you start out in your room with your SNES and a TV.Once you head downstairs you will find your mom.Head outside and explore the small town.Right next door to you is your rival's house.Then head to Proffersor Oak's Labratory.But you won't find him here.So just head on out of Pallet Town and Proffesor Oak will run up to you and say "Don't go into the high grass,there's wild Pokemon out there." So he brings you to his Lab and he also call's his grandson,your rival.To start off you get to pick any one of his three Pokemon.It does'nt really matter which one you choose.For starter's though you should pick Bulbasaur.

Route 1:When traveling upward talk to the man standing still.He will give you a Potion for free !

{ Each Day we will build our way up the walkthrough,and eventually we will finish.Keep coming for more !More Walkthrought finished 12/9/98 }

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